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Hybrid housing holds appeal |

Hybrid housing holds appeal |
This type of housing -- called manor homes, villas, cottage homes or detached townhouses -- is tailored to people who want the privacy of a traditional single-family home with the convenience of a condo. And although it accounts for only a tiny slice of the real estate pie, builders and developers are cautiously optimistic that this hybrid style of house will grow in popularity, partly because it's designed for a growing population: retiring baby boomers.
This is a puff piece touting a super-paternalistic type of HOA where the association hires all the contractors that service the individual lots. Next step is what? The HOA sends inspectors into your home and makes you pay for repainting your bathroom a different shade of beige?

Anybody who buys into a place like this isn't really a homeowner anyway. They are just tenants with an investment interest.

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Anonymous said...

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Somebody should tell these homeowners that they can hire people mow their lawn and shovel snow from their driveway, without having to make their homes forever collateral to whatever debts and liabilities an HOA corporation creates.

Anonymous said...

"Next step is what? The HOA sends inspectors into your home and makes you pay for repainting your bathroom a different shade of beige?"

Via Shu's blog from February 28, 2009, comes this letter to homeowners in the Casa Blanca condominium complex:

At this point, you must have received the Home Owners Association (HOA) demand for internal inspections. If not, allow me to summarize. The Supreme Court of the United States has affirmed and re-affirmed the authority of HOAs to enforce quality of living standards for a complex. To this end, the HOA is inspecting internal units in enforcing compliance.

Recently, two units had fires caused by below standard appliances and wiring. The County sent an inspector to evaluate our complex.

The standard for the Casa Blanca Complex is as follows:

1) Units must have matching appliances that are fully functional and aesthetically pleasing.
2) All flooring must be tile, carpet, or finished wood
3) The walls must be painted without cracks, bubbles, or holes.
4) The counter tops must be without cracks or bubbles. It must be functional.
5) Bathrooms must not have mold, tiles in the shower must be clean and structurally sound.
The sink tops must not have abrasions and the mirrors must be without rust.

As you may or may not know, many units have granite, hardwood floors, custom cabinets and other top grade amenities. Clearly, Casa Blanca is improving. The days of substandard living conditions, attack breed animals and drug deals are over.

According to my records, you have not scheduled your inspection. The final day of inspections for the A building is May 28, 2008. All owners not having an inspection will be fined $100 for the first day and $200 for each day thereafter with a total maximum fine of $6300 per month. Most owners, including myself, have complied and have completed inspections.

Finally, in examine our accounting records, I find that you have not paid your assessment and you are substantially behind in dues. As I stated at the recent Board meeting, the total amount of receivables for Casa Blanca is excessive and through our litigator we have started foreclosures on many units. HOAs do not distinguish between unpaid dues, unpaid assessments and unpaid fines. We consider all monies owned [sic] enforceable and consider foreclosure necessary to enforce compliance.

Scott Streit
President Casa Blanca HOA and Board of Directors