Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Guilty plea in homeowners association scheme

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A Las Vegas political consultant pleaded guilty Tuesday in federal court to taking part in a scheme to control condominium homeowners associations and steer business to favored companies in southern Nevada.

Steven Wark, 54, admitted in a plea agreement that in 2005 he joined an effort to control homeowners association boards of directors to send legal work and building contracts to a law firm and construction company designated by his co-conspirators, prosecutors said.

The Justice Department also alleged in the statement that co-conspirators forged ballots and rigged board elections in the scheme that involved about a dozen homeowners associations and took place from about August 2003 through February 2009. The names of the co-conspirators and other companies weren't made public.
The story goes on to note a federal prosecutor expects more federal cases to be filed in the coming days and weeks. The late Las Vegan and wannabe wiseguy Phil "The Ghostbuster" Testa must be having a posthumous "told ya so" moment. Thanks to Bill Davis for the story.

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Anonymous said...

So it only took a 3 year federal investigation to figure out that H.O.A. elections are rigged?

They could have asked any regular reader of this blog and saved themselves a lot of time and money.