Sunday, July 03, 2011

Vietnam War Veteran Wins Fight to Fly American Flag on Front Lawn

Quigley's fight was buoyed by an outpouring of popular support. Sympathetic fellow citizens in the U.S. rallied to his cause, but people all around the world took his side. His plight got worldwide coverage. He heard from supporters in London and in India. "I've gotten calls from Macedonia," the surprised retiree said. "I don't mean from Macedonia, Ohio. I mean from Macedonia."

According to ABC News, the American Legion will return to Quigley’s home on July 4 at 11 a.m. to conduct a second flag-raising. "We expect quite a large turnout," Legion commander John J.C. Sullivan said. "A lady called from California who's a singer of patriotic songs. She'll be there [to] sing."

"Somebody should have been a little smarter about it, in particularly the homeowners association. They brought tremendous negative publicity upon themselves," said John Sullivan, president of the American Legion Post 801.
Another HOA flag flap ends as the HOA wilts in the hot glare of global media attention and outrage.

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