Saturday, July 23, 2011

Couple sued over sign

BOSSIER CITY, La. (AP) - A south Bossier City homeowners association has sued to force a family to remove a front yard sign supporting their son's military service because it violated subdivision covenants.

The Times reports that the Gardens of Southgate filed the suit this month against Timothy and Jodi Burr, who have lived in the subdivision since 2006. The Burrs placed a large multi-colored banner with a picture of their 20-year-old son, Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Corey Burr, and the phrase "Our son defends our freedom" in January after Corey Burr was deployed to Afghanistan.

Jodi Burr says her family will fight the suit and do not intend to remove the sign.
The HOA lawsuit that was threatened in May now becomes reality, providing more bad press for this HOA and HOAs in general. To deter these frivolous lawsuits, the attorneys that bring them should be deployed to Afghanistan for one year of judge advocate duty.


The Republican Party said...

We support the troops, except when it conflicts with the opportunity for corporate lawyers to make a profit at the expense of individual American home owners.

The Right To Own Your Own Home said...

If this were a municipality threatening the parents of the Marine, this would be all over Fox News.
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But, since it's the lawyers of a private corporation who will profit from this lawsuit, down the memory hole it goes. (Not that the liberal main stream media has done any better, but I don't expect them to).

And the third comment at the conservative/libertarian "Free Republic" about this is:

Sheesh. People move into HOA neighborhoods because they’re safer and cleaner, and then complain about the rules that made them safer and cleaner.
Reminds me of illegals.
3 posted on 07/24/2011 12:09:02 PM PDT by LearsFool

The 16 comments so far are in favor of the H.O.A.

At least the readers of the Marine Corps Times have more respect and common sense.

The way that the right-of-center media has treated service members abused by H.O.A.s is shameful, and is going to require some serious soul-searching on their part. In the meantime, I will definitely have to revise my piece at to include this.

jbowers1000 said...

As of July 25th it is on FOXNEWS. It will be interesting to see how long the HOA will be able to hold out before caving. It should sooner rather than later if they are smart. But in general HOA Boards are not very smart.

The Right To Own Your Own Home said...

For decades, Saddam Hussein’s government ruled over aesthetics in Iraq’s capital with the same grip it exercised over its people. A committee of artists, architects and designers approved the color of buildings as well as the placement of shrubs. With many beige brick buildings, and color used sparingly — most often on mosques — the city’s appearance was uniform and restrained.

But the committee, like Mr. Hussein’s government, fell apart after the United States invasion in 2003. Some years later, when Iraqis started rebuilding as the violence declined, there was no central arbiter. Bright colors started appearing, and places like the Trade Ministry were done up in pink, orange and yellow.

source: "As Baghdad Erupts in Riot of Color, Calls to Tone It Down" New York Times. May 14, 2011.

via the conservative/libertarian "We Support The Troops" (May 14, 2011 at 2:40 PM), which notes that “When all the New York Times can complain about is the color of buildings in Baghdad, can we officially say that the war was a success? Oh the horrors of tackiness! If only we had left Saddam in power!”

Bonus points for anyone who can spot the irony.

PS - Fox News has finally reported the story. Click on link from previous post.

Still no mention of last year's Michael Clauer story:
2 results (0.06 seconds
Police: Calif. Man Lived With Dead Woman for Week - (Apr 28, 2011 – The apartment's resident, 63-year-old John Clauer, was in custody)
Plucky Manager Promoted, Not Fired - Celebrity Gossip ... (Feb 9, 2005 – Nicky Clauer, 45, said she expects the Milwaukee Pick 'n Save)

Anonymous said...

According to a comment at

"Don't forget the HOA prez is none other than Prez of Republican Women of Bossier club too."

Can anyone verify this?

Anonymous said...

OK, I just answered my own question:

2011 Officers
President-- T.K. Mastny
Vice President -- Vicky Dodson
Recording Secretary -- Shirley Wingo
Corresponding Secretary -- Becky Stobaugh
Treasurer -- Jeanie Grigsby

And according to the Marine Corps Times story from May 08, 2011:

The couple received a letter a month later from the Gardens of Southgate Association stating the banner was in violation of the neighborhood’s covenants. The covenants specify only real estate signs are permitted.

T.K. Mastny, association president who signed the letter, declined to comment, citing the ongoing nature of the case.

Mike Reardon said...

The attorneys who bring them should be deployed to Afghanistan for one year of LATRINE duty.