Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Zoning Laws Allow for New Neighbors—Meet the Goats Next Door

First came the chickens, then the bees. So what’s the next animal that may be residing in a backyard next to you? Maybe goats. As the small-scale urban animal husbandry movement becomes a force in everyday urban life, more and more jurisdictions are being forced to revamp their laws to allow residents to hatch their own eggs, keep their own hives and—now—tend their own goats.
So suburbanites will be raising their own chickens, growing their own corn, and maybe butchering their own hogs. Sounds like we are sliding back into the 19th century. But not if you have an HOA...

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Anonymous said...

I've really been trying to think of a joke with a "GOA" (Goat Owners Association) punchline, but just can't do it.

Maybe something about "GOAs preserving the vale of goats," with an Animal Farm reference thrown in?