Thursday, June 09, 2011

Nev. bill dies, but HOA fee court battle lives on

Homeowners associations — where residents pay monthly dues to maintain common amenities such as pools and landscaping — were lightning rods during the legislative session, evidenced by the 20 bills introduced on the topic. Tensions between neighbors take on a whole new level when one can fine another for not replacing a flickering porch light or leaving the trash can on the sidewalk too long.

But the recent foreclosure crisis added fuel to the fire in homeowners associations, which are especially widespread in Las Vegas' relatively new neighborhoods. As more and more homes were repossessed, associations were unable to collect dues to maintain landscaping and common buildings, and collection agencies stepped in to help.

We're just trying to save the neighborhood.


Peter Reilly said...

Wow a fight between collection agencies and guys who flip properties. Tough to decided between two groups who command such sympathy.

Communisty Associations Institute said...

We must destroy the community in order to save the Community Association.