Sunday, April 17, 2011

Texas homeowners call for state AG investigation of community association industry

Austin – As Incidences of possible attorney malfeasance and hostile actions by property management associations are being reported almost daily, the need for more than legislative change is clear.

Home Owners for Better Building will be asking the House Business and Industry committee as well as other lawmakers to request Attorney General Greg Abbott to investigate Home Owners Associations (HOA’s), the property management industry and its attorneys.

As HOA foreclosures rise substantially and the economy worsens, the property management industry seeks to further enrich themselves during this session on the backs of homeowners with clever legislative lobbying ideas that expand unearned transfer fees, processing fees, and mandatory contributions to developer foundations, etc

This is a shot across the bow of Privatopia in the Lone Star State that could gain momentum on anti-corporate and lawyer sentiment.


gnut said...

Recently, one San Antonio homeowner saw their $150 yearly dues become a $6,412.44 debt. Unable to pay the $3,787.44 assessment and late fees plus $2,625.00 in Attorney’s fees and expenses, attorney Tom Newton representing the Lago Vista HOA, foreclosed and the family moved out.
Your search - "Tom Newton" - did not match any documents. is a web site that describes itself as "chronicling the high cost of our legal system", yet Walter Olson and Ted Frank have decided that the actions of HOA lawyer Tom Newton have never been worth reporting about.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Let's hope and pray the Pennsylvania Attorney General is
going to step up to this plate!
These foreclosures are illegal in Pennsylvania, along with slapp
lawsuits, fraudulent claims to the courts (filings)and perjury, etc.,I
have been assured, yet have happened and probably still are, in some
Really, all the states with horrific HOA, COA (CID) "issues," and
fraudulent foreclosures, "questionably" legal foreclosures, in/by
anyone of these groups, property managers and/or attorneys should be
investigated. Innocent people are homeless due to these fraud and
extortion plots. My experience and my opinion! The victims deserve
legitimate investigations and rectification.
Good for Texas homeowners.