Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Big Thirst: Nothing’s Quite So Thirsty As A Las Vegas Golf Course | Fast Company

"It's illegal now to have a front lawn in any new home in Las Vegas. The water authority will pay people who already have lawns to take them out--$40,000 an acre-- and replace them with native desert landscaping. They pay golf courses to do the same thing.

It is illegal to let your sprinkler spray water on a sidewalk or street, and Las Vegas specifies the kind of hose nozzle you can use to wash your car (trigger style, so it doesn't simply pour water out when you're not using it)."

But, as the article says, "A single, 18-hole round of golf at a typical Las Vegas golf course requires 2,507 gallons of water." Golf courses in the desert: monuments to the arrogance and stupidity of an empire in decline?

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