Saturday, March 19, 2011

Countryway residents stage a coup after brouhaha over money, management

What started out as one home­owner's concern over spending and a 51 percent dues increase led to accusations of mismanagement, an appeal to the state, legal fees and the exit of four members on Countryway's master board.
HOA Wars, Episode Fifty Thousand.


Anonymous said...

"HOA Wars, Episode Fifty Thousand."

Another isolated incident, number 50,000...

Anonymous said...

Before the Texas legislature in previous years, the HOA industry (represented by CAI and TLAC- CAI's lobbying arm) would routinely claim that HOAs "preserved property value".

This year on discussions of reining in foreclosure abuses by CAI attorneys and management companies, the examples typically presented were HOA houses that were underwater on their mortgage by $100,000 or more. You didn't hear anyone from the industry group claiming "but that couldn't happen".