Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Smart Set: Water View - January 25, 2011

The Smart Set: Water View - January 25, 2011: "The time for sea living is here, and Dennis Chamberland — star of the recent VBS.TV episode “The Aquatic Life of Dennis Chamberland" — intends to be its pioneer. This underwater dominion will be named Aquatica. “We are the first humans who will move there and stay with no intention of ever calling dry land our home again,” he writes on his Atlantica Expeditions website. “We represent the first generation of a people who will live out their lives beneath the sea.”
And of course there is a web site.


Fred Pilot said...

They'll back to dry land within six months. Remember how the Biosphere project circa 1989-90 in which several volunteers would live in a self sustaining terrarium turned out?

Anonymous said...

No, Fred, we will not! Dennis Chamberland