Friday, February 25, 2011

Nevadans Share Horror Stories Of HOAs

Heather Spaniol said she loved living in a neighborhood with a homeowner's association. But she described the past three years as harassment. Her car was towed twice and she was penalized for putting the trash cans out too early.Spaniol was among dozens of witnesses who testified before the Nevada Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday. She and others characterized association boards as "The Gestapo" and "cartels."At least 19 bills addressing homeowner associations have been requested this session.
Reforms are also under consideration in Arizona where longtime HOA reform activists George Staropoli and Pat Haruff are once again working to counter community association industry lobbying efforts. In California, two bills that would overhaul the Davis Stirling Common Interest Development Act have been introduced.


Communisty Associations Institute said...

Malcontents are going public with their grievances, and thus harming the property values of their neighbors -- property values that we at the C.A.I. have been preserving.

Fortunately, we are working hard on behalf of the majority of rule-abiding homeowners to ensure that scenarios such as this do not happen in the future.

HOA contracts and statutes will be amended so that the small fraction of homeowners who are not satisfied with their HOA will be prohibited from speaking to anyone other than their association's attorneys about any grievances they may have.

"Moreover, no Owner may use any public medium such as the `internet' or any broadcast or print medium or advertising to similarly malign or disparage the association, its corporate officers, its agents, or its attorneys, it being acknowledged by all Owners that any complaints or actions against the association are to be resolved in a private manner and any action that creates controversy or publicity for the community will diminish the quality and value of the community." *

Once the first and sixth amendment rights of such troublemakers are curtailed, via adhesion contracts and binding-arbitration clauses, we will be one step closer toward building a harmonious collective interest ownership future. In this utopian vision of repressive libertarianism, all homeowners will be happy to live under the care and guidance of their HOA, where they will be free from having to worry about such things as "rights," what bills to pay first, or who to turn to if they have a problem.

* Proposed language based on actual KB Home contract, from "Buy A House and Shut Up!" (Houston Chronicle. November 11, 2003). The story notes that "it is the homeowners' associations, not KB Home, that enforce the restrictions."

Anonymous said...

Well, PENNSYLVANIA elected officials have heard horror stories, truthful "HORROR ACCOUNTS," EXTORTION, TERRORIZING, OUTRIGHT PROPERTY THEFT, LEGAL ABUSE, ETC. ACCOUNTS, FOR YEARS AND TO DATE HAVE DONE NOTHING.. I hear that the position of the new Congressman, Lou Barletta and State Representative Rosemary Brown, is much different and that just as the perpetrators in the "Kids for Cash," scam have been held accountable, so will those who have been a party to the stealing of innocent families homes. "Homes for Handshakes," who ever could have imagined....

Anonymous said...

What about North Carolina's Select Committee on HOA's? I am sure they heard the equivalent, but probably ten times worse. The findings of this "committee," say it all and the lawmakers, consumer protection divisions within the state, elder abuse agencies, etc should be embarrassed. Maybe they need to thrown them all out and start over....
More info: google: North Carolina Select Committee on HOA's, Homeowner Association Hell, or North Carolina Homeowner Association Hell Blogs, the associations name and county, etc. Be creative in your search terms and
you will find the info you seek.