Saturday, January 08, 2011

Illinois Review: Gov. Mitch Daniels: Illinois tax hikes good for Indiana

Illinois Review: Gov. Mitch Daniels: Illinois tax hikes good for Indiana:
That's because Daniels is the Governor of Indiana. If the Democrats in Springfield raise the personal income tax here in Illinois by 75% (from a flat rate of 3% to 5.25% of income, with practically no deductions or exemptions), and if they raise the corporate income tax by 75% as well (from 4.8% to 8.4%), businesses will relocate to Indiana. This state is run by a corrupt political machine that is arrogant and cynical beyond belief. They are doing this after the election, and before the new legislature is seated. They figure that in two years enough "voters" (and I use the word with some doubt as to whether it really applies) will forget that the Democrats did this. Maybe they are right.

Of course, something has to be done to raise revenues and cut spending because Illinois is insolvent. But the lack of a two-party system here is the main problem. A tax increase was in the cards. You can count on the Democrats for that, and they waited until the election was over to do it so they could keep their control of the legislature. But what about budget-cutting? That's where some Republican influence would make a difference. We need both. Instead the Democrats want to increase the money being shoveled into the maw of the teachers' unions, and because they control the entire state, that's what we will get: more taxes, more spending, and empty promises of budget-cutting to come.

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