Saturday, January 22, 2011

Condo Owners: pay up! - Blogs: Getting Real» Blog Archive » Condo owners beware: pay up!: "Sid Shulman, homeowner at International Village, has taken matters into his own hands.

Near the mailbox of each condo building he posted a list of residents delinquent on their maintenance fees, with the message “Pay up or move out” and the same in Spanish, Pague O Mudese. He also tried, unsuccessfully, to get the cable company to cut off service to nonpayers.

The association has gone so far as to install a fingerprint scanner at the entrance to its community center, in order to keep non-payers from gaining access."

Thanks to Fred Pilot for this link. Pay or else.


Beth said...

I think that many people, if they saw a list of deadbeats, would think, "Why should I be paying when they don't?", with the result that Mr. Shulman's sign would have an effect opposite of what he intended.

gnut said...

But are these people really "deadbeats," or homeowners who are paying their regular dues, but not paying disputed fines and/or attorney fees?

Given the prevalence of the "priority of payments" scam accounting system used by HOAs across the country to artificially create "delinquencies," there is really no way to know. The industry depends on that when they go to state legislatures seeking more power for themselves and less rights for homeowners.

And that is why that practice should be outlawed, and HOAs required by law to account for assessments, fines, and fees separately.