Saturday, December 04, 2010

Sovereign Privatopia: Arizona HOAs claim jurisdiction over public streets

Homeowners and HOA Headaches

State Representative Nancy Barto describes HOAs as quasi-governments with deep pockets, lots of authority and little oversight. She tried to pass a bill to clarify who owns public streets: cities or HOAs.

"A lot of HOAs are run very well. This is not about most HOAs. This is about many HOAs," says Barto. "It becomes very evident that there's not enough oversight whenever there's a dispute, because homeowners have nowhere to go to solve these problems."

Attorney Scott Carpenter represents 3,000 HOAs and worked against Nancy Barto's bill.

"There is no story or evidence or statistics that I've seen that back up the assertion that associations are using fines for vehicles parked in public streets as a revenue generator," says Carpenter.


This is one of the most nonsensical circumstances I've read emanating from Privatopia. A bill to determine whether municipalities or HOAs own public streets? Clearly the former; curious minds want to know why the state Legislature would be called upon to resolve that question. And why the munis don't take overreaching HOAs asserting bogus claims of jurisdiction over public rights of way to court and get a judge to order them to butt out.

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Anonymous said...

It's a revenue source for the HOA vendors like Scott Carpenter and the tow truck drivers.