Friday, November 19, 2010

ACLU Announces Free Speech Settlement with Association | Articles & Archives | Community Association Management Insider

ACLU Announces Free Speech Settlement with Association | Articles & Archives | Community Association Management Insider: "The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has reached a settlement on behalf of a San Francisco condo resident who challenged an attempt by a homeowner's association to force him to remove political signs from his windows."


Anonymous said...

Another example of the

the ACLU is defending [a homeowner's] freedom of speech by supporting state interference with the contract and property rights of his neighbors, who have chosen to live in a development with picky aesthetic rules and presumably derive some benefit from that arrangement. ["Reason" Sept. 1, 2010]

The ACLU did more to defend individual private property rights than the Institute for Justice, Independence Institute, or any other conservative/libertarian/Ayn Randian proponent of corporate-over-individual property rights.

This won't help convince the right-of-center that they're wrong about H.O.A.s, due to their (understandable) anti-ACLU bias. Otherwise, they'd have to admit to themselves that they've been duped into the service of Communism all these years.

Anonymous said...

According to the Community Association Insider link:

Facing a potential court order requiring it to obey the law, the association entered into a settlement with the ACLU by which the association voluntarily agreed to allow the resident to immediately post his signs, which he did, without any fear of triggering onerous fines.

Interesting definition of "voluntarily agreed."

Much like the "Violation Courtesy Notice" I get from my H.O.A. threatening me with hundreds of dollars in fines, liens on my property, and legal action, and then thanking me for my "voluntary cooperation."

Or when a homeowner "voluntarily agrees" to pay an organized crime syndicate, engaging in extortion and racketeering, to prevent anything bad from happening to his house. Oh wait, I'm being redundant.

The bastardization of the language by communisty associations is like something out of Pravda, or Nineteen Eighty-Four.

What's really funny (in a sad, not ha-ha way) is the recent outrage on conservative and libertarian blogs about airport security-theater measures, because

(1) I'm going to assume that anyone purchasing an airline ticket "agrees" to some sort of "contract", and therefore has waived their rights, and

(2) the conservatives/libertarians/Ayn Randians will support any form of violation and degradation of the individual, as long as Communism is a private corporation and the Road to Serfdom is a privatized toll road.

If people don't like being scanned and groped as a condition of flying on a commercial airline, they are certainly free to go to flight school and get their own pilot's license and buy their own private plane.

Just like people who don't like the rules of their H.O.A. that they "agreed" to are free to move to, or even build, another neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Where is the ACLU for the women and children and other vulnerable populations when they are targeted, terrorized, harassed fraudulently accused and sued, property destroyed, etc., to pile on fabricated legal fees for assessing and foreclosing? LEGAL OR NOT! Please post their phone and contact info!