Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two bodies found in S.W. Reno house that burned after reported explosion

Investigators have found two bodies in the burned-out rubble of a home in an exclusive southwest Reno neighborhood. They have been unable to identify the victims who died in the blaze, which began shortly before 11 a.m. Tuesday.

Deputies with the Washoe County Sheriff's Office had attempted to serve an eviction at the home, which was under foreclosure, on Tuesday at about 10:40 a.m. They said they knocked and identified themselves, then heard what sounded like gunfire or an explosion and took cover.

Thanks to a a friend who alerted me to the story.

No word on whether this was a bank or an HOA foreclosure. Regardless, this is not the first time a homeowner has has self immolated in a burning house they were about to be evicted from. I sometimes think we are a little too cavalier about kicking people out of their own homes in this country.

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Anonymous said...

If you watch the news story on the link, this happened in a gated community, which appears to be on a golf course. The neighbors who were interviewed said that a gentleman and his elderly Mother were living there.

Whether this was a HOA or bank foreclosure, the bigger question is where are the elders going to go when their children lose their homes to the association, or to the bank? The street? A homeless shelter?

Please follow this story if you have any further info. as this is not the first time I have heard of someone burning their house down around themselves due to financial problems.

A gated community? On a golf course? Apparently, these folks are not being helped by our government's foreclosure programs?

Very sad story.