Monday, July 05, 2010

Controversy Over the American Flag

Controversy is brewing over a flag pole in Woodstock, Georgia. A homeowner is asked to take down the pole flying an American flag.

Jon Hansen has lived in Woodstock's Summerchase subdivision for a decade. The disabled army veteran and former law enforcement officer has flown an American flag outside his Summer Point Drive home since moving in.


Here we go again. Oh, when will they ever learn?

This same issue keeps coming up over and over again. When will people, vets or plain old citizens, be allowed to live in peace in their own homes?


Anonymous said...

As long as an HOA corporation structure exists and as long as there are vendors and board members that profit from the creation of disputes, there will be disputes.

Fred Fischer said...

This property owner is being fined $25.00 a day for an alleged violation according to his Board who often does not know the laws or cares and who is his accuser, judge, jury and in the end will be his executioner as well ! In other words the member is guilty because the Board said so and fined to force compliance instead of innocent until proven guilty as non privatized governace works.

In the world of privatized housing under HOA/POA corporate governance law, the owners have three basic choices. 1. Pay up and conform to whatever the Board says upon receipt of a violation letter no matter if the alleged violation is valid or not, 2. Move after you pay the fine and conform or 3. Fight the violation in civil court. Consequently most often people move or conform because to fight the Board in court is finically unaffordable for most people and the Board and housing association attorney knows that. An Arizona legislator call's it, a hammer way of managing.

In the old days these types of alleged accusations were called coercion, fraud, mismanagement or corruption. Except today for ten’s of millions of owners in CIDs, private contract housing governance has made “injustice” legal through “privatized justice.” To intimidate, coerce and harass its members for control over there private property which provides for the municipalities and industry service providers big profits and it's all legal. Unless owners can afford to defend themselves and most can’t.

People who live in CIDs under housing associations are not owners of their castles in the traditional sense but instead are reduced to tenants. For the primary purpose of maintaining and prospering the housing association corporate entity. That was created to primarily benefit the developers, the municipalities and finally the industry professionals and others who depend on the housing associations, in part or in whole for their livelihood. Everyone except the property owners, who seldom receive a “mutual benefit.”

All municipalities should stop supporting and mandating privatized housing governance since their are better alternatives! Because it’s not in the best interest of the community and without question is an unconstitutional delegation of property rights to a third party which violates all citizens’ inaliable property rights.

Anonymous said...

See HR 42, the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act that prohibits associations from creating restrictions unless necessary to protect a substantial interest.

Done deal.