Friday, May 21, 2010

Homeowner Wins Court Battle With HOA - San Antonio News Story - KSAT San Antonio

Homeowner Wins Court Battle With HOA - San Antonio News Story - KSAT San AntonioHidden Forest off of Bitters Road looks quiet, but for more than three years, it's been the center of a legal battle over the rights of homeowners associations.

"They were suing to foreclose on my home over $390," said Hern.

Hern said he was late on his association dues but objected to the added fees and decided to fight. Over the years, he said the attorney's fees kept adding up.

"They were asking for a little over $25,000 in fees," he said.

And of course now that the HOA has lost, their attorney is promising to "address this further through the legal process," which translates into litigation without limit to crush any owner who stands up for his rights.

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Anonymous said...

Here is a link to the story told by a different news reporter. This link includes downloadable copies of the HOA attorney fee agreement which illustrates how this CAI attorney is able to shake down homeowners. In short, the HOA attorney runs up fees at his whim and will not allow any payments to be applied to assessments until the amount he is attempting to extort is paid. This will be fine fodder for this next legislative season in Texas when CAI will be scrambling to try to explain whether foreclosure power aids the HOA corporation or only the vendors of the HOA corp: