Friday, March 19, 2010

Board Member Types: “The Has Been”, “The Never Were” and “The Wanna Be”

Board Member Types: “The Has Been”, “The Never Were” and “The Wanna Be”

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George Staropoli said...

I am a member of the HOA group, and I commented:

A well analyzed presentation. I'd like to add, for all three categories presented, all fail to understand that HOA government has more in common with local public government that simply proviidng services as do all local government does. That's because of the mindset created over the years that HOAs are not goverments. WRONG! They are de facto governments, like Cuba, but not recognized as such. BTW, the HOA is the governing body regulating the people within the real estate "package", a subdivision or condo.

A reply to my comment is of interest:

"Like Cuba" without the cigars.. :-)

Anonymous said...

So in other words, the only "good" board members are those that are likely to hire self-proclaimed "professional" management companies. What other opinion would you expect from an HOA management company?

Evan McKenzie said...

I accidentally rejected this comment. Here it is:
"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Board Member Types: “The Has Been”, “The Never Wer...":

The fact tha a property management company feels the need to write about the "types," of board members, as they see it is interesting. Property managers, some of whom are nothing but parasites, along with their dysfunctional leagal "talent," in many cases appear to be among the most horrible people in America. The reality is they make their money off the "group." CID's have given them the avenue for powers over the homeowners, that never should hve been allowed to evolve. How about some licensing, real education (not self credentialed professionals), honesty, tansparency. and homeowners of character, like these voluntary positions were meant to be. I have never seen one of these groups (property managers and their friends), who manipulate these boards (usually via fear), do anything good. They will do whatever it takes to drum up business for them. They (property managers, etc), and the industry they serve, destroy lives, homes, communities, friendships and foster conflict, discrimination, terror and violence, in my opinion! The fact that far too many of their real crimes against homeowners are not reported accurately and truthfully is the fault of a mainstream media that are suck-ups and cowards."

Anonymous said...

I agree and would add the plain lazy. I love it when they solicit the remarks of Frank Rathburn of the Community Associations Institute. Now there is an impartial well informed source!