Thursday, February 18, 2010

Printing money, local currencies, communities and the economy - MSN Money

Printing money, local currencies, communities and the economy - MSN Money: "Last year, two Detroit tavern owners were sitting at the bar, sampling their beverages and bemoaning the local economy -- no one in the city had cash, and when they did, they spent it in the suburbs. Then the pair hit on a solution: Print their own money.

It is, after all, perfectly legal for anyone to issue currency, as long as it doesn't look too much like a U.S. dollar. Thus was born the Detroit cheer, a local scrip accepted by a handful of city businesses, including a pizzeria, an electrician and a doggy day care center."

I think this story ends with people exchanging live pigs for baskets of apples.


Sixteen Tons Community said...

One day HOAs will amend their one-sided contracts -- with approval from their capitalist fan boys -- requiring all members to exchange their U.S. dollars for scrips good only at the Common Interest Community Store.

When that happens, another step on the road toward privatized Communism(tm) will have been taken.

Anonymous said...

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