Friday, February 26, 2010

HOA? No. The City of Orange.

Orange County's law-breaking landscapers | MNN - Mother Nature Network: "An Orange County, California, couple face steep fines — and possibly jail time — for replacing a conventional grass lawn with drought-tolerant landscaping."
You might think that a city named after a fruit would be a little more tolerant of an herb garden. But no. Not with all those HOAs around that the city has to imitate!

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Anonymous Homeowner said...

> Not with all those HOAs around that the city has to imitate!

As much as I hate HOAs, as much as I believe they are the biggest threat to individual private property rights in America today, and as disappointed as I am in my fellow conservatives/libertarians/free-marketeers for licking the privatized boot stomping on a human face, there is nothing in the story that indicates that this situation is the fault of any HOA corporation.

So I'm surprised at the criticisms, both by our fine host, and by the readers of the Mother Nature News story, of HOAs.

HOAs deserve the anger and criticisms and hate and ill-will directed at them, but this is not one of those instances. I have seen no evidence that what's happening in the city of Orange can be blamed on HOAs.

Regardless, it's time to bring back the fine tradition of tar and feathers -- for both private or government officials.