Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Restrictions Quickly Added for Air Passengers -

New Restrictions Quickly Added for Air Passengers - "The government was vague about the steps it was taking, saying that it wanted the security experience to be “unpredictable” and that passengers would not find the same measures at every airport — a prospect that may upset airlines and travelers alike."
The man who did this was so obviously dangerous that his own father had warned the US Embassy about him. He was on a list of people known to have terrorist connections. He had been going to places like Yemen, where the bomb was built by some Al Qaeda maniac (so the stories say at this point). But he had a US visa and hopped on a plane that was to land in Detroit--except that he tried to blow it up with explosives in his underwear.

So--what does the government learn from this huge security failure? Don't let anybody get out of their seat or hold anything in their lap for the last hour of the flight.

This nation is being run by idiots. No other conclusion is possible.


The Rubber-gloved TSA Lady said...

We're also implementing immediately a new air travel security rule: No passenger may wear underwear aboard commercial aircraft.

Partitioned underwear changing areas will be provided at airport boarding gates. One item of *clean* underwear per passenger may be carried aboard in carry on luggage.

On flights of 90 minutes or less, passengers may wear a catheter or "truckers buddy" provided such devices do not require the passenger to wear underwear and have a liquid capacity not exceeding 6 (six) ounces.

Happy travels! M.J. said...

The Chicago Tribune Alerts just sent out link that ANOTHER Nigerian has been arrested in ANOTHER incident in Detroit -- because he locked himself in the plane's restroom...

Uh-oh? Do you suppose they will just decide to padlock ALL lavatories on ALL airliners??

I already hated flying!

Be grateful you are not on a plane going in or out of Detroit?

Anonymous said...

"Only one carry on? No electronics for the first hour of flight? I wish that, just once, some terrorist would try something that you can only foil by upgrading the passengers to first class and giving them free drinks."

- Bruce Schneier

Evan McKenzie said...

I say keep on searching those 80 year old women from Evanston until you find the one who has the exploding bingo card.