Monday, December 21, 2009

Las Vegas Woman Victim of Foreclosure Mistake - Las Vegas Now

Las Vegas Woman Victim of Foreclosure Mistake - Las Vegas Now: "As Mauck walks around her now empty condo, she can't help but remember how things used to look. Every room in the home is empty and Mauck says the reason is a mistake of address numbers. Her address is 1157, which is close to 1156, a condo that is in foreclosure."
They "trashed out" the wrong condo--meaning "the Brenkus Team of Keller and Williams Realty" threw away every single thing she owned. And now of course they are disputing her claim concerning how much they owe her, and won't talk to the press about it.


Shu said...

And HOAs must have the power to foreclose because....????

Anonymous said...

...the legislatures have decided that the financial well being of the HOA corporation is more important than the financial well being of individual home owners.

"With our long experience in association law, we understand the mind-set of delinquent homeowners. We know that when it’s time to pay the bills, assessments are often low on the priority list. Our goal is to move assessments to the top of the priority list and to impress upon owners that paying assessments is critical to keeping their home."

The HOA lobby pays the legislators better.

As Glenn Reynolds repeatedly says, time to bring back tar and feathers.

PS - But nothing in the story about Nilly Mauck indicates this event was HOA related. The reporter doesn't say who was responsible for the foreclosure of the adjacent unit. Who were the realtors reporting to? The HOA, the mortgage company, or the county (for failure to pay property taxes)? Or can realtors initiate foreclosure themselves?

Spectator said...

Somehow with every press report we get incomplete information.

Good catch, Anonymous!