Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Illinois budget

Just got a message from the President of the University of Illinois system. Good news: no furloughs before the end of 2009. Bad news: the state owes the U of I system $317 million that has been billed but not paid.

They haven't paid our dental plan, either, which is why the dental plan won't pay my kids' dentist.

But look at the up side. The state legislature just guaranteed all seniors free rides on public transportation, no matter how rich they are.


Anonymous said...

For God's sake, who thought things could get any worse in your State of Illinois? Why would anyone want to become a Professor under the present circumstances?

Perhaps, you and your family should consider a move to a neighboring state, unless they have the same problems?

Good luck!

M.J. said...

Professor McKenzie --

I would like to personally suggest that you contact your former Legislator, who NOW lives in The White House... I'm pretty sure his THREE girls don't have ANY problem with their dental bills.

Please don't get us all started on the whole health care (DENTAL) debate. Getting insurance in Illnois is a nightmare... and our friend in the big white house knew it before he ever left the State of Illinois? (What did he do for US before he left the State?)

Sorry, I don't want to shift your focus -- but, personally I went through almost as much HELL to get health insurance in Illinois -- as it is to live daily with all of the HOA-HELL we also have here...

By the way, who is going to cover all of that -- the associated health care costs?

Does anybody know where Obama lived BEFORE he moved into the big white house? Did HE have to put up with a HOA Board? Was he ON AN BOARD -- since he was such a big "community organizer"??

Sorry... some of us in Illinois are wondering if we should be losing faith in our former legislators -- who are now President -- and forgot where THEY came from?

By the way, the record will show that "HE" (the "annointed" one) REALLY dropped the big ball that I passed to him -- albeit, DURING his campaign for Prez!

More on that another time!

Not so anonymous anymore,