Saturday, August 29, 2009

The future of American housing: modular HOA?

Prefab homes continue to evolve: "Modular-home interiors are almost indistinguishable from comparably priced site-built homes. The exteriors are improved, with everything from wood siding to stucco, decorative stone walls and tile roofs.

But negative perceptions of manufactured housing are tough to reverse, and prefabricated builders are eager for consumers to take another look at their products...However, modular homes are plentiful in rural Arizona and in the outer urban areas. There are also modular-home communities in the Valley, including Dolce Vita at Superstition Mountain in Apache Junction. Dolce Vita - meaning the sweet or good life in Italian - is a 55-and-older gated community with a full range of pools, fitness facilities and other activities for residents."

I don't know about you, but the idea of living in an Arizona HOA subdivision full of prefabricated homes just doesn't appeal to me.


Fred Fischer said...

We agree no matter what type of housing or where. Living under privatized governance such as HOAs is still living under the control of others under Board privatized justice that was primarily created to benefit them and not the owners.

Anonymous said...

If the only choice is living under an HOA regime or renting. I'll just rent. Life is too short to put up with a HOA.

Beth said...

I've seen some nice modular homes. If it weren't for the hoa aspect, I'd be more likely to consider one. Every now and then I daydream about putting one of these cuties in my backyard and using it for a study or something. But my hoa wouldn't allow it.

Beth said...

True, some people love hoas. Has anyone (besides CAI) done research into how many buy into hoas because that's the type of housing they prefer? I couldn't find any the last time I looked, but I haven't looked in awhile.

Beth said...

Aargh, I just left this comment on the wrong story. (????? I will blame this on the drugz I've been prescribed--am post-swine flu)

Anonymous said...

Professor --

If living in a common interest community -- in a modular home (with a detached garage) -- on about 2 acres (which is in the middle of a HUGE common area) -- DOES appeal to ANYONE -- I know a little old lady who has one she cannot sell bacause her title is slandered with liens for the "multiple" annual assessments that were declared illegal, null and void back in 2000 (with help from CAI Guru, Wayne Hyatt).

How could Board Members know you CANNOT charge assessments based on age, marital status, familial status, etc. -- even though the governing documents CLEARLY provide for one annual assessment per one "original lot"? Duh?

Granted, full disclosure is appropriate -- and this property is in a "troubled" community -- in the middle of Illinois -- not in Arizona -- BUT, we do have plenty of water -- NOT that many people would drink the water in this community -- however, you can water your lawns until the cows come home...

P.S. This same little old lady also has two "unimproved" lots -- in the same troubled community -- that you could put a modular home on! (Sorry, same title problems!)

Let the buyer beware.

Anonymous said...

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