Thursday, August 06, 2009

Edwards' ex-mistress appears at federal courthouse ::

Edwards' ex-mistress appears at federal courthouse :: "Raleigh, N.C. — Rielle Hunter, John Edwards' former mistress, went inside the federal courthouse in Raleigh Thursday morning. A grand jury is meeting in the courthouse."
Edward is under investigation for possible misuse of his campaign funds to support his mistress. While married. To a woman with cancer. And this creep came very close to being Vice President of the United States.

But let's talk some more about Sarah Palin.

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Anonymous said...

This situation is a disgrace. When John Edwards was at the poverty center at UNC, he should have kept on his promise to assist with the housing issues and ESPECIALLY THE HOA/CID ISSUES, THAT HE HAS BEEN WELL EDUCATED ON. Elizabeth Edwards is a fine woman who when faced with the truth did not know what to do. I truly feel sorry for her and the family. Yes, this man made a terrible error in judgment and has probably destroyed his political carer, but he has also violate the trust of those that supported and believed in him to utilize his talents to help vulnerable populations. Public policy involving the abuse by many in housing, causing poverty needs to be rectified. Yes, he is human and mistakes are mistakes, but who should have been watching to protect him from himself? Obviously, he had too much free time. Additionally, if he was not happily married, why not separate? I guess he wanted it all, no matter who pays the price, or who he hurts!