Saturday, April 14, 2007

Snow won't dampen global-warming rallies
Right. Neither will any other form of evidence.


Anonymous said...

To which I would respond,

And NOAA says it was the warmest worldwide Dec-Feb on record.

Bit empirically awkward to generalize for the rest of the planet on the basis of one nasty day in Grand Rapids, just because the enviros were asking for an embarrassment like this by staging their demo this early in the spring.

Evan McKenzie said...

I'm not the one generalizing about the whole planet, especially not for the next century. It is the global warming alarmists who are doing that. The fact is that nobody knows how much humans contribute to global warming. And this picking and choosing about data, such as screaming about every warm month and then ignoring the cold ones, is really getting old. This may very well be a repeat of Paul Ehrlich's end of the world predictions that turned out to be false.