Tuesday, May 19, 2015

American condo buyer losing condo in Mexico due to liens

It appears that this unfortunate woman bought a Mexican condo as a retirement home, only to discover later that several Mexican workers had liens on the condo because of a pay dispute with the developer. A judge ruled in the workers' favor, and now they own what used to be her condo.



robert @ colorado hoa . com said...

Mexican courts are doing the job that American courts are willing to do.

robert @ colorado hoa . com said...

Ray Stern of the Phoenix New Times described this as “one of those ‘only-in-Mexico’-type of problems” :

But no matter what mistakes she made in handling the purchase, losing the investment would be a very steep price to pay. It's one of those “only-in-Mexico"-type of problems.

This reveals incredible ignorance about what has been going on in H.O.A. and condominium corporations all across the United States, as regular readers of this blog are aware. I don’t mean to single out Mr. Stern and his editors, since our journalists and pundits and politicians have repeatedly demonstrated utter cluelessness about what has been going on in condominium and H.O.A. corporations across the United States for a very long time.

What will be interesting to observe is the reaction by the Fox News and Rush Limbaugh crowd. I suspect there will be a lot of self-righteous outrage on their part, since this happened to an American in Mexico.

Of course, I might be wrong about that, and they’ll simply ignore this the same way they ignore the countless stories of Americans being divested of their property in America by American H.O.A. corporations. Or, they might react with their usual “blame the victim” attitude and deference to corporate lawyers and imbalances of power by saying things like “she agreed to it”, “she should have read the documents”, etc, while extolling the virtues of the collective ownership of private property.