Saturday, January 22, 2011

Clackamas County considers ban on signs, added restrictions

Clackamas County considers ban on signs, added restrictions: "A local expert in constitutional law believes that Clackamas County will have to significantly alter its draft resolution that proposed banning signs, clapping and personal insults, while giving “authority to enforce reasonable restrictions” on the times the public would be allowed to speak, and on the use of video recording equipment."
Another example of cities emulating HOAs?

Condo Owners: pay up! - Blogs: Getting Real» Blog Archive » Condo owners beware: pay up!: "Sid Shulman, homeowner at International Village, has taken matters into his own hands.

Near the mailbox of each condo building he posted a list of residents delinquent on their maintenance fees, with the message “Pay up or move out” and the same in Spanish, Pague O Mudese. He also tried, unsuccessfully, to get the cable company to cut off service to nonpayers.

The association has gone so far as to install a fingerprint scanner at the entrance to its community center, in order to keep non-payers from gaining access."

Thanks to Fred Pilot for this link. Pay or else.

Monday, January 17, 2011

California HOA cracks down on hoarders

Once a hoarding complaint is filed, an inspection could be ordered. The board must get residents' permission to enter units. Residents who refuse inspections will be called before the board for a disciplinary hearing.

If the board determines the hoarding policy has been violated, the resident would have 15 days to remove the clutter. If a resident refuses, the board could seek a court order to force the resident to remove the clutter, fine the resident, suspend the resident's privileges in the community or proceed with eviction.

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The HOA better get permission. The California Court of Appeal ruled a dozen years ago that another Southern California HOA could not enter the unit of a merchant marine while he was away at sea to police what it saw as an excessively cluttered unit, which the appellate court equated to nanny state governance.

The coming muni meltdown--Charles Gasparino -

The coming muni meltdown--Charles Gasparino -
"The municipal-bond market is in crisis, with prices fall ing and investors running for cover -- and for good reason. Munis -- bonds sold by states, cities, counties and other localities to finance government operations -- are in trouble because the Ponzi scheme of Big Government is coming unglued. The markets are merely reflecting this reality, as they always do. The $3 trillion muni market was once regarded as the safest of all investments because the bonds are backed by government taxes. Now it's showing all the earmarks of the 2007-08 meltdown."

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But the economy is recovering. Just ask Ben Bernanke.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

SIDE STREETS: HOA at Satellite Hotel is veering out of orbit

Ugly allegations have surfaced as residents fight for control of the homeowners association that runs the Satellite Hotel, a “futuristic” 14-story, three-winged hotel/condo hybrid built in 1969.

The HOA president and her officers portray board newcomer Hayward Rigano as a bully who has used threats and intimidation in his quest for power over the 300 or so who live in the Satellite’s 241 condos.

Rigano denies the allegations, describing himself as simply trying to do what’s right for the Satellite, which sits along South Academy Boulevard at Airport Road.