Saturday, October 22, 2005

Village Leaders Contemplate Assessment Increase

Nancy Levy found this example of public/private government line-blurring. Looks like the munical government operates out of office space owned by the association--if I'm reading it right.

BELLA VISTA -- Audience members applauded Thursday when the Property Owners Association's Board of Directors voted to move forward with the renovation of the Bella Vista Country Club building.The clubhouse, which closed to regular business Aug. 1, 2002, will be converted into administrative offices, a small restaurant and common area with seating.General Manager Tommy Bailey hopes the work will be completed by January 2007. The building will serve as offices for several administrative departments, freeing Town Center office space for the Bella Vista Fire Department and the Bella Vista Division of the Benton County Sheriff's Office.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Man killed by deer in one of the ritziest gated communities on Earth
A Fairbanks Ranch man died this week after a violent encounter with a buck that was roaming the exclusive gated neighborhood. On Sept. 25, Ron Dudek went into his back yard to pick tomatoes when he unexpectedly came upon a 6-foot-tall deer next to his house. The buck hit him with its antlers in the face, tearing a hole in his cheek and shoving the bony antler into his mouth.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

10ft snake popped out of lavatories at block of flats

How inhospitable of these residents. The poor snake was no doubt just trying to get warm. :-)
WHEN residents in a block of flats saw a 10ft boa constrictor slithering from their lavatory bowls, their claims were treated with scepticism. They resorted to placing bricks on lavatory lids after the snake put in several surprise appearances. Now the flat-owners have been vindicated: one brave resident trapped the giant reptile during a night-time confrontation in his bathroom. He managed to coax the snake, named Keith, into a bin, ending a two-month reign of terror at the flats in West Didsbury, Manchester.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Private school teacher fired for refusing to display flag
Here's a switch. Private HOAs ban flag display, get bad press. Private school mandates flag display, gets bad press.

"I had come to the end of all the procedures of appeal available to me," [Stephen] Kobasa, 57, said Friday. He said his deep-seated religious belief, not un-American sentiments, was at the core of his opposition to having the flag in the classroom. "The crucifix cancels all flags," said Kobasa, a longtime peace activist. "Christ speaks of compassion without boundaries. ...Flags are about separation, assertions of superiority and aggression. The whole notion that loyalty to country is connected to one's religious faith is totally bizarre and unjustified."