Saturday, November 30, 2013


"The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office is prosecuting Juvencio Adame, known locally as Vince, for “defacement, damage and destruction” in excess of $400 or more after he pruned the shrubbery near his home in July, court records show. The shrubbery in this case was on city land that abuts his property on Niagara Avenue along a popular surfing area. Adame told neighbors he did so because the overgrown shrubbery became a haven for homeless people to sleep and litter."
Having eliminated all street crime in San Diego County...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bank seeks help from city on foreclosed subdivision - Cullman, Alabama

Bank seeks help from city on foreclosed subdivision  Top News - Cullman, Alabama: HANCEVILLE — People’s Bank is seeking financial help from the City of Hanceville on the incomplete, foreclosed subdivision Baylor Cove so it can get the struggling development’s residential streets paved.

Mark Vincent with People’s Bank proposed the bank give the city three lots inside the subdivision in exchange for the city applying a final top coat to the streets and taking over their maintenance. Vincent said the bank has sought and received two bids for the paving work and both averaged around $50,000.

The price of the lots have fallen from a high of $40,000 to about $10,000 in current value, but the city could sell the lots in the future if they gain value, Vincent said.
The bank is seeking a municipal bailout for this troubled development that like many of those similarly situated lacks a functioning HOA to levy property owners for needed infrastructure work.

Suit alleges fraud by officers of Brentwood homeowners association | The Tennessean |

Suit alleges fraud by officers of Brentwood homeowners association | The Tennessean | Beneath the facade of one of Brentwood’s most affluent communities, neighbors have come toe-to-toe in federal court over allegations of wiretapping, fraud and public, vulgar name-calling.

A homeowner in the gated Hampton Reserve subdivision has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Nashville alleging that neighbors and former homeowners association officers fraudulently tried to obtain portions of neighborhood common land and then suppressed opposition by intercepting and blocking community emails between residents, charges the defendants hotly deny.
A really nasty legal fight in Privatopia, Tennessee sector. The lawsuit alleges the board wrongly gerrymandered common area boundaries to benefit a handful of owners and afford one director sufficient room to build a swimming pool on her property.

LEX 18 Investigates: Council Member Challenging HOA Foreclosure Laws | | Lexington, Kentucky

LEX 18 Investigates: Council Member Challenging HOA Foreclosure Laws | | Lexington, Kentucky: Ingrid Boak lost her house, but says she was never personally served with any papers. No one knocked on her door and no one called, she says.

The homeowners association lawyers sent plenty of letters and they all went unanswered.

"I believe that if a house can be sold without me personally getting something in my hand or sign something, it is almost like communism," Boak said.

She knows a thing or two about communism. Communists took her east German childhood home after World War II. The same feelings she had as child, have been resurrected as an adult.
This is a familiar story. Foreclosed unit owner claims no notice of assessment delinquencies. HOA counters its letters were ignored, so pack up your stuff and get out. Hopefully there are provisions in Kentucky law that can provide an equitable outcome.

INVESTIGATORS: Corporation forces homeowners to sell property |

INVESTIGATORS: Corporation forces homeowners to sell property | Here is how it happened. In the past few years, more than 80 percent of the condos at Madison Oaks were bought up, not by new neighbors, but by a single company called "Madison Oaks, LLC".

The company wants the whole complex switched to apartments- forcing residents to sell their homes.
Regime change, condo style. Or inverse condemnation, private sector style. However it's described, the minority stake owners taking a loss are upset that this move is permitted under Florida law.