Wednesday, April 08, 2015

HOA wins--developer has to pay the electric bill

"An East Naples homeowners association has won its legal battle after a judge agreed Glen Eagle Golf & Country Club didn’t pay their electric bills, leaving 105 homes without streetlights for five weeks after FPL flipped the switch.

Collier Circuit Judge Hugh Hayes ruled that Glen Eagle, the development’s master association, must pay Lago Villaggio Homeowners Association $18,000, with 4.75 percent interest from March 18, 2014, and reimburse the HOA for its lawyer’s fees."

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IC_deLight said...

The article seems to have a misleading title. This was between a "sub HOA" and a "master HOA" (not developer) and it would appear that the sub HOA prevailed over the master HOA (not a developer). The link points to some completely unrelated paper on music.