Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Welcome to 'Libertarian Island': Inside the Frightening Economic Dreams of Silicon Valley's Super Rich


"...there is currently a similar movement happening in real life, and it is being funded by another rather eccentric businessman, the Paypal billionaire Peter Thiel. As some may already know, Thiel has teamed up with the grandson of libertarian icon Milton Friedman, Patri Friedman, to try and develop a “seastead,” or a permanent and autonomous dwelling at sea. Friedman formed the “Seasteading Institute” in 2008, and Thiel has donated more than a million dollars to fund its creation. It is all very utopian, to say the least. But on the website, they claim a floating city could be just years away. The real trick is finding a proper location to build this twenty-first century atlantis. Currently, they are attempting to find a host nation that will allow the floating city somewhat close to land, for the calm waters and ability to easily travel to and from the seastead."
These people are free to shower our elected officials with money in order to protect themselves against taxation and regulation.  This starves governments of the money they need to provide essential services and infrastructure. At the same time, these libertarian gazillionaires are planning on fleeing the society they are currently wrecking.

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