Thursday, March 26, 2015

Is suburban sprawl stifling the US economy?

This Vox article references a number of studies that suggest the answer may be "yes."

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robert @ colorado hoa . com said...

It would be better for the economy if workers were required to live in company barracks. No time would be wasted on commuting, and the only cars on the roads would belong to those permitted to own homes outside of the mega cities. Think how much money could be saved!

Robert Metcalf, Treasurer of the Concord Crossing H.O.A. corporation, once said that the H.O.A. regime is "a systematic infusion of corporate culture and governance into the domestic lives of an ever larger share of the American population. Who wants to live at work?" ("Position Statement On Common Interest Developments". emphasis in original).

Frank Rathbun, spokesman for the H.O.A. lobby, has said of H.O.A.s that "It's a community, but it has to be run like a business" (Reuters. "Underfunded U.S. Homeowner Associations Get Heavy". January 08, 2014).

Maybe that's what we're being prepared for. About fifty years ago, they decided to see if Americans would tolerate having the same rights at home as we do at work: the right to do as we're told. To have our domestic lives "run like a business". Despite complaints by a few malcontents who wouldn't be able to get along with Mother Theresa, I'd say the experiment has been a success, and is ready to move on to the next phase.