Thursday, September 04, 2014

Condo president buys car, pays himself, with association funds
"Ed Ryan, a long-time condominium president in Fort Lauderdale, has been violating the law for years by paying himself tens of thousands of dollars -- and even buying himself a car -- out of neighborhood funds, according to state records. In September, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation alleged Ryan was illegally managing the association without a license and issued a cease and desist order to stop him from paying himself after he'd received $45,000 in the first nine months of the year alone. But Ryan, president of Georgian Court North Apartments, hasn't missed a beat, admitting to Local 10 News that he's still paying himself. "
One of the cool parts about volunteer private government:  having access to all that money!

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IC_deLight said...

Notice in the video how the "board president" defers to "approved by the board" of which he is the president.

Also cite this video for the proposition that local law enforcement will just chalk it up to a "civil matter" as opposed to embezzlement.