Friday, February 01, 2013

Proposed bill would help homeowners in gated communities |

Proposed bill would help homeowners in gated communities | Newly introduced Pennsylvania House Bill 319 aims to give property owners better access to the records in their associations by requiring all association records, with a few exceptions, be accessible for inspection and duplication by owners.

"With alarming frequency, people come to me with frustrations about getting access to association records," said Rep. Mike Carroll, D-118.

Carroll is a co-sponsor of the bill, which has been introduced several times before, but has never had enough traction to get to the floor for discussion.
It's hide the pea time again as the HOA bar gins up frivolous disputes and legal fees.  "Ain't nuttin to it," Jelly sez.  "Like shootin fish in a barrel."Joe Viterelli

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Cynthia Stephens said...

Please see this email written to Beth Brejle, of the Pocono Record who wrote the article and a cc was sent to Pennsylvania Representative Michael Carroll.,,

Hi Ms. Brejle,
Forgive me, but is this a joke? Do you know what happens to
honest, law abiding, CC&R following, decent, respectable homeowners
and yes, even former board members who ask about money in and HOA,
there? As about a bill, and especially one you do not owe, nor makes
any sense and you are terrorized out of your home, harassed,
fraudulently sued and told you have no rights, all so the HOA Board
member(s) and some local attorneys and yes, even a bankster can steal
your home. Knowingly fraudulent liens and fraud closure, for got this
the projected cost of what a foreclosure would be. Did I forget the
ongoing property damages, so the property could not even be sold, or
when the HOA got named in the lawsuit for the damages, the
"suspicious," fire that, yes destroyed the contents, belongings and no
one wants to be held accountable. Oh, then the banksters, ignoring a
court order and foreclosing without due and proper notice, or even
under the the Act necessary. Then, they refuse to give you the 15 +
years of equity in your home. Only owing, appox $20,000 and they
take it all. It is actually a lot worse than you can imagine, Ms.
Brelje and until reporters start telling the truth about these
thieves, thugs, bullies, predators and criminals, framing and stealing
homes for personal gain, while destroying lives and families, it will
just continue, Ms. Brejle. Women in Monroe County have no rights to
own property, Ms. Brejle. Did you know that? They have no right to
ask about a bill, or expect their rights to be upheld in the courts,
the law followed, if one of the "wacko well connected," is out to get
them. Whether is is stealing from the HOA funds, or providing jobs
for friends for no reason, which of course, the predator will assess,
illegally, everyone else. You have no idea, Ms. Brejle of the extent
of the criminality in some HOA's, COA's (CID's) in your area. You
have no idea of what they have done to innocent homeowners to cover
their crimes. Apparently, it appears even forging court records.
Maybe you should try checking the court records. Please see the next
few emails and at the very least, please educate women, never, ever to
buy in any mandatory, HOA, COA..deed restricted property in Monroe
County. They are not safe, and they are just too attractive for those
so inclined. It was not always this way. It is a disease, a cancer
that has crept in there, and in other areas of the country. These men
and some women, too have absolutely nothing else to do but predator
and steal! And, from what I have seen, "the blessings" of some in the
judiciary. How would you like to be denied justice because you were
not a thief, you did nothing but ask a question, one required of you
by the law. Tell me, how would you like to be told that, solely so
the predators could take your home? Do your homework, Ms Brejle and
hopefully, you will investigate and these horrible people will be
prosecuted and their victims rectified.
Cynthia Stephens and
Entire link: (just a small section of the entire article is below),
Please, I encourage all to go to the site and read it all!