Friday, December 12, 2008

HOA drama as TV fodder? Now's your chance.
Look what is circulating around the net:

Location: Orlando and surrounding areas

If the answer is yes, here is your chance to show America the significant role that homeowner associations play in neighborhoods across the country!
You have worked hard to own your home, and home ownership is at the heart of the personal freedoms we enjoy as Americans. People are passionate about protecting the property value of the most important investment they will ever make.

New HGTV pilot is in search of homeowner associations with a never-ending supply of passion, conflict and drama!

Are the members of your HOA impassioned and animated about enforcing the rules? Is your HOA president active in the community while being enthusiastic and driven in making sure your association is the best that it can be! Is your neighborhood full of volatile and dynamic personalities?

Tell us your story and be one of the lucky HOA¢s chosen to be part of our groundbreaking pilot.

Please send an email to: and tell us about your HOA. Please also include the city you live in along with contact information.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Anonymous said...

IF DONE WELL, THIS IS LONG, LONG OVERDUE!!! Let's hope there is a focus on THE TRUTH of what is truly happening to countless, vulnerable families! The created conflicts, harassment, targeting, terrorizing..."contractual" traps that even the boards are the first to violate! However, THEY (the boards and their associates)will ignore the law, "the contract," a homeowners rights, and do whatever they wish to destroy families, lives and finances!
Who would have ever thought? The often asked question, "who would want to?"

Anonymous said...

omg, I *lived* this. I'd watch the series (tho I doubt it would be that great, since most hoa dramas happen in slow motion). No way would I suggest our hoa because I have already been through enough.