Friday, April 30, 2004

Judge threatens to name receiver for embattled HOA
WEST PALM BEACH -- An irate judge Wednesday threatened to appoint a receiver to oversee a bitterly divided neighborhood, a rare move that could cost the community's homeowners thousands of dollars. "I'm tired of getting letters from people saying their homeowners association is falling apart," Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Tom Barkdull snapped at a court hearing. "These people need a definitive answer as to who's running the homeowners association."The dispute at Lake Charleston, a 10,000-resident community west of Boynton Beach, has given rise to two governing boards, with the current board annulling the decisions of its predecessor.

Thanks to Fred Pilot for passing this along. Here we have one of the failure scenarios I have been warning people about for years: implosion of HOAs under the pressure of internal conflict over governance issues. Read it and ask yourself what it would look like if there were many more such situations.

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